Your Trusted Charlotte Roofing Contractor

If you are looking for a Charlotte roofing contractor, on you can trust and depend on, call the roofers at the Elliott Building Group (the roof Dr. com). You don’t have to look far to get quality roofing services. Our roofers are skilled in many areas where some are not. We do everything from professional residential installations to storm damages where we pick up the pieces of your roofing system and help with insurance claims.

Since we all can’t climb up onto our roofs to see what’s happening to them, we are often a the mercy of a roofer who can. It’s wise to have your roof looked at annually in order to properly diagnose the issues with it. Our experienced roofers will look at your roof, determine what it needs, and communicate from there with you. Sometimes it takes a professional roofer to determine what your roofing needs actually are instead of guess work.

A roof replacement can save on your monthly energy bills. Most of us already know this. An older roofs, which is often neglected, is often the cause of those drastic energy bills. You have options though when it comes to picking out a new roofing system. A replacement is a huge investment, but you’ll save on future repair costs and maintenance. New roofs save people money and Elliott Building Group wants you to have options when choosing new roofing materials.

Residential Roofing in Charlotte

Residential Roofing Services CharlotteThere’s no telling what will happen to your roofing system over time. If you have experienced roof damages, we’re the ones to call on to repair the things that you can’t or don’t have the proper tools to do them with.

We cater to residents in the Charlotte community as we’ve been doing so since 2007. We always make our customers feel welcome as we provide them with a quality of service that they can’t get anywhere else.
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Charlotte Roof Repairs

Roofing Repairs CharlotteA storm can blow in and destroy your roof to the point where it needs roof repairs. Your Charlotte home doesn’t have to look bad. We are experienced and trained to seek out your problems and repair them on the spot to make them look god again.

Your roof will be repaired by some of the best roofing talents in the industry. They can some to your home and have the work done before you know it. We invite a standard of safety into our work that protects our roofers and your family members.
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Charlotte Re-Roofing

Re-Roofing CharlotteRe-roofing is the act of adding to a damaged roof by creating a roof over the membrane. This is a roofing service that will save money and time for the homeowner as this doesn’t take as long as a replacement.

Replacement costs have gone up in recent years making it almost more cost-effective to have re-roofing done instead. There are lots of advantages to having this types of roofing service done. Not having to deal with all that replacements need can save you.
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Storm Damages to Charlotte Homes

Storm Damage Repairs CharlotteHail is one of the most dangerous types of weather there is. Hail can as big as the size of a softball. When something the size of a golf or softball smacks down on your roof, it’s inevitable that damages will incur.

The sound of rain, on a roof, can be very relaxing. In fact, it has been know to put babies and adults to sleep it’s so soothing. But it’s not very soothing when roaring down on your roof followed by heavy winds.
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Charlotte Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles CharlotteAsphalt shingles are more widely used today than they were ever before. That’s because they are very inexpensive and can be installed very easily. Our professional installations will ensure they are done professionally so that even hurricane-like winds can’t blow them down.

Call our Charlotte roofing contractors today for more details and see what good craftsmanship looks like. That’s because we don’t waste time or spend half the day taking breaks. Your asphalt shingles need to be installed professionally.
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Charlotte Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs CharlotteMetal roofing systems are becoming ever so popular these days because of the advantages they bring to others. They are much more stronger than conventional roofs and are lightning and fire resistant.

Metal roofing systems come in all different varieties. Call our roofers for an invite to your new roofing system and match it to the exterior paint of the home. Don’t miss out on all the options one can deliver to you.
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Charlotte Architectural/ Dimensional Shingles

Architectural & Dimensional Shingles CharlotteTo a certain degree, it’s far more exciting to have a roofing system that is different from all others. Architectural shingles are fairly new to the roofing industry as they offer a dramatic and distinguished appearance.

Dimensional shingles are conventional shingles with a twist. They are also known as dimensional shingles and have become very popular over the years as they are eye-catching to those having a roof replacement done.
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Bi-Laminate Roofing in Charlotte

Bi-Laminate Roofing CharlotteBi-laminated shingles provide added support for other shingles that are surrounding them on each side. They hold up better against falling materials and are long term shingles that are cost-effective own.

All older shingles have to be removed before the bi-laminated ones are installed. This will enhance the durability and strength of them. Added weight may be a little too much to handle for the new laminated shingles.
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Tri-Laminate Roofing in Charlotte

Tri-Laminate Roofing CharlotteTr i-laminate roofing is a three layered design that’s made to protect your home. It is a much thicker roofing style that’s stronger and designed to handle the weather. These classic wood shakes offer lots of benefits to homeowners.

Tri-laminate roofing is the composition roofing shingle that offers high durability. From the elegant design to the colors these shingles come in, you will find out why Charlotte tri-laminate roofing is highly sought out.
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Charlotte Cedar Roofing

Cedar Roofing CharlotteCedar roofing shakes can make a home look rustic on the outside. Heartwood is a type of cedar shake that’s very popular with homeowners. Your hoe can have the distinguished look that it needs in order to stand out.

One of the positive benefits to cedar shakes ins they have a natural acoustic barrier. This will help to keep sound from getting inside the house. Cedar can withstand storm damages from hail and heavy winds just like it does in the wild.
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Shake Roofing in Charlotte

Shake Roofing CharlotteShake roofing is different from shingles because shake is normally split on one side or sometimes both. Shakes are created as the wood is split from the block and installed onto the roof. These are often referred to as ‘handsplit’ or ‘resawn’ roofing products.

Shake roofing is typically found in cedar roofing systems. There is a more natural feel to these roofing materials than any other types. They do act as the perfect insulators as they retain heat (furnace) and cold air coming from the AC.
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Roofing Projects in Charlotte

If you are seeking a new roof for your home or commercial structure, you can count on our professionals to deliver one for it as we stay up to code compliance. Many older roofs, in the Charlotte area,are not up to code any more and will not pass inspection. We stay up with code compliance in the area so they are installed properly.

Depending on your budget and size of roof; we can construct a roof from the following materials: metal, asphalt, cedar and more types of shingles or shakes. There are all kinds of different Charlotte roof types that will amaze you as they will protect you from the weather. It’s time to reinvent your home with a Charlotte roofing project! You can start by replacing the shingles or by installing new gutters. Even aspect of your home can be appealing when you add on and take off the older roofing components.

Replacing the shingles can be the change that you need to feel safer and also lower your energy bills. Most commercial structures are faced with these decisions more so than residential roof owners because a commercial roof covers more area. Before roof repairs or replacements take place, its crucial to have the roof looked at to determine what else it needs to become a stable structure. If a roofing company does not look at the roof prior to the work that will get done, it will not last.

We can save you money. How, you ask. That’s easy as we communicate to you what your roof needs and what it doesn’t need. We will never do an installation or repair without your knowledge. Thats because we care about your roofing system and want you to be able to get more for your money.
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Charlotte Roofing Installations

When you want to renovate the exterior of the home, why not have your roof re-done? This is one of the best ways to incorporate quality and beauty together. It’s also the most effective way to draw more attention and value to the roof. There are lots of exciting options when it comes to roofing. Professional installations can turn an ordinary looking roof into something that stands out on the block. Cal us for ways to make yours stand out.

When it comes to safely doing a roofing project, the roofers at Elliott Building Group (the roof will be there. We use ladders and scaffolding to get the job done while someone is always on the ground helping with cleanup and running to get materials and tools for us. Safety is one important aspect of roofing. Without safety being employed onto each project, you’re not going to get the quality of job that you desire. Instead, you’re going to get haphazard work done that puts you at risk.

We highly recommend that you get at least three roofing quotes for the work that needs to get done. We are not always going to be the lowest. But what we can guarantee is that you get quality work done. As a simple rule, always get a contract made up between you and the roofer. This will make everything legal. It will also outline what the work is that’s getting done. And never give anyone money up front.
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Why Hire the Roofing Services of Elliott Building Group?

Certified and insured Charlotte roofers are the only ones who should be atop of your roof doing work. Anyone else is an imposter and should not be there. The Elliott Building Group is certified and insured. There’s always a reason to hire Elliott Building Group (the rood Dr. com ). There is always more when you hire us. Most think that we come in, do the job, and leave once the job is done. But that’s not all we do. We keep in touch with you in order to see how our work holds up.

There is a lot of importance in roofing. There’s a lot about roofing that can overwhelm the average homeowner. Not having much roofing knowledge alone should make you want to pick up the phone and call us. Also-roofing is dangerous. If you don’t have all the ladders and other equipment needed to get roofing project completed, don’t take chances. Make sure that your roofing is always done by someone who is certified. We offer exceptional quality in all the work that we do. It is inevitable that one day something will happen to your roof. It doesn’t matter if age or a storm has affected it, our Charlotte roofing contractors is there to help when you need them.
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